Historic 1907 Züst
Famed finisher in the Greatest Automobile Race on Earth in 1908
Zust - the Tipo 1906 Zust which completed the 1908 New York-Paris automobile race, the greatest race on Earth

Zust crossing the Mississippi River at Fulton,  Illinois in March, 1908
The Zust crossing the Mississippi River at Fulton, Illinois in March, 1908

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This website provides information about the Tipo 1906 Zust 28/45 which completed the 1908 New York to Paris race (the Greatest Race on Earth). This is a well-researched history which demonstrates that the race car is still in existence.

Welcome to this informational website about the 1907 Züst which completed the Greatest Automobile Race on Earth in 1908. Starting in February of that year, the great race took the cars from New York to Paris via San Francisco, Seattle, Valdez (Alaska), Japan, Vladivostok, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and finally on to Paris. The New York start took place before a quarter of a million spectators.

The Zust has a chequered history. After its amazing performance in the race, it eventually found its way to Dawson City, Yukon. Fortunately the Zust was eventually recognized, and then put into storage for more years.

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The Zust company was founded by engineer Roberto Züst, an Italian industrialist of Swiss origin.
Antonio Scarfoglio
Antonio Scarfoglio
Driver & Writer
In Milan, in 1905, he founded the Züst company for manufacturing cars and commercial vehicles. His first models were huge and expensive machines propelled by four cylinder engines from 7,432cc to 11,308cc. This Great Race Züst is the 28/45 HP model, with a four-cylinder engine of 7,432cc capacity.

The story of the Zust's adventures in the race was fully documented by Antonio Scarfoglio (1886-1969). He was a reporter for il Mattino, the Neapolitan daily newspaper. Antonio was one of the three drivers of the Italian team that drove the Zust. He wrote extensively about the race, first in the form of about 50 dispatches that he wired back to his paper as the race progressed, and then in a book published in 1909: Il giro del mondo in automobile (Around the World by Automobile). This book was also published in an English translation, and both versions are proving a useful resource to the restorers.

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